World Of Wellness!  WOW! Programs

If you want to improve your current state of health and wellness, our programs are for you. We provide worthy opportunities for you through various presentation styles. There is one for you!  You can choose to improve your current health and wellness status through our workshops, seminars, tele-seminars, webinars, retreats, and/or one-to-one sessions.  Our primary programs include:  Wonderful Outings in the Wilderness! and Wholesome Options for Wellness!  Walking Options for Wellness!


Walking Prescription for Health
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WOW! Wonderful Outdoor Walks


We are a member of Just Walk! a Walk with a Doc program. We have  partnered with AARP Georgia to help highlight their Age-Friendly Communities, Metro Atlanta initiative, and the DeKalb County Parks and Recreation Department to help enhance the quality of life of the citizens of DeKalb County by connecting communities to exceptional parks, recreational facilities, and cross-generational programs that promote healthy and active lifestyles. We work with DeKalb County Park Ranger Jonah McDonald and Wellness Coordinator Michelle Walldorff to bring you this wonderful program.

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We are based in Atlanta, Georgia and most of our hikes are within 45 minutes to 2 1/2 hours from Atlanta.  We meet at a predesignated location, have introductions, volunteer carpool and caravan to the trailhead.  The trails are rated easy, moderate, strenuous or difficult.  Most of the trails we hike are easy to moderate, and between 3 - 7 miles long.  All of our hike outings are day hikes. Weather permitting, we have lunch on the trail.


There are several ways you can find out about, and sign up for our hikes.  Visit any one of the following web sites, OPALs, OPALs Meetup; Atlanta African American Adventrers Meetup; Atlanta African American Baby Boomers; or sign up for my monthly newsletter.


We participate in fun, and sometimes challenging adventures.  We zip line, whitewater raft, kayak, spelunk, sky dive, hang glide, hot air balloon, and who knows what else!


Although our adventures are fun and exciting, we do not participate in activities that we think are death defying.  Our activities are for all levels of experience, from novice to the experienced. 


Some adventure you want to try, tell us what it is, and maybe we can include it, especially if we have not done it never know.


We have weekend getaways, as well as international travel.  We travel to various states, cities, and national parks.  We sally have a full itinerary to help you have a very memorable experience.  We even share common, and unusual information about the destination.


Our travels may include car, motorcoach, train, or airplane to get to our destination.  We also do our best to build the trip where you get the most value for your time and money.


We have primary requirements to travel with us; you must have an open mind, be flexible, have a friendly disposition, and definitely pack plenty of smiles!

Tai Chi Classes

As a Certified Tai Chi Instructor from the Tai Chi Health institute, these classes have been recommended by the CDC and proven effective by medical studies worldwide. More than 500 of these studies have shown Tai Chi improves muscular strength, flexibility and fitness as well as improves relaxation, balance and. immunity, and offers other health benefits.

Our classes will give you a double dose of preventive benefits because they will take place outdoors in nature at a park.  Class schedule and more information to come.  


Check back with us or send an email for notification of updates.