Carolyn's Top 10 +2 Media Features


Carolyn has been featured by various media outlets.  Here you will find some of her best and most recent features, primarily in the form of video.  However, she has also been featured in print and radio.  Media kit coming soon...


Carolyn and her group OPALs - Older People with Active Lifestyles were featured on CNN's AccentHealth Network, co-hosted Dr. Sanjay Gupta, and Robin Meade, after being sought out by CNN producer, Tomeka Jones.  She agreed to follow us on our  Amicalola Falls hike.  That particular first Saturday in November was the coldest  and windiest of the season!  However, we had 17 members show up. View the video highlights of the hike, featured on CNN's AccentHealth Network, our show was hosted by Robin Meade.

Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC)
The Key to Staying Happy!

Featured in a Sunday Bonus Section of Atlanta's premier daily newspaper.  Carolyn was one of the seniors interviewed for the article with a subheading of 'Giving back, loving life and staying busy help seniors live a joyful retirement.  This feature was published Sunday, April 7, 2019.

50Plus Prime
TV News Magazine
for Baby Boomers

On this June 2016 broadcast, 50Plus Prime host Tony Fama features Carolyn Hartfield and members of her Older People with Active Lifestyles (OPALs) group out hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Georgia. Martha, a correspondent for the show came to one of our hikes with her camera crew and followed us on the trail.  Also interviewed were Ruth Gooden, Alpha Bennett and Monroe Brock.

Atlanta Live

Atlanta Live is a local TV show aired on WATC-TV, Channel 57. Because people strive to be their best self, get healthier, and be fit, this episode of Atlanta Live focused on setting yourself up for success, with show host, Sharon Frame.  The discussion centered around mind, body and spirit.  Carolyn spoke of her experiences and feelings being out in the wilderness, and the feelings of being one with nature/God.


Overground Railroad
5K Walk for Wellness

Carolyn has been selected as leader and coordinator of the 5K Walk for Wellness for the Overground Railroad, 2015 at the Greenbriar Mall.  Invited speakers include Dr. David Satcher, former U.S. Surgeon General and founder of the Satcher Health Leadership institte, Morehouse School of Medicine. There will be food, fun & FREE Screenings, Prizes & Giveaways. 

WCLK - 91.9fm

Carolyn was interviewed by 'The Local Take, show host, Kiplyn Primus, after she joined one of our hikes as her New Year resolution to be more diverse in her quest for a healthier lifestyle. 

Second Lives Club

Why is Carolyn in this tree and apparently happy about it? 

Carolyn Hartfield:  1st Life - Sedentary Corporate Manager /Detroit

2nd Life - Outdoorswoman /Atlanta.  Read the entire post on the Second Lives Club; Your Next Life is your best life!  Posted by Maryl.

Grand Canyon   
Adventurous 65th B'day Celebration
GF Lifestyle Cover
White House 2015 Conference on Aging

Carolyn is featured on the cover of the latest Girl Friends Lifestyle magazine, Special Edition.  Publisher Matthew Johnson was commissioned by the White House to produce this sepcial edition of his magazine, a 'Women's Guide to Healthy Living' for their 2015 Conference on Aging.  Inside, is a story about Carolyn's transition to a healthier lifestyle that resulted in her optimal health and very active lifestyle, plus other great stories.  

Risk Taker
TODAY Show/Huffington Post

TODAY Show co-host, Hoda would be reaching age 50.  She put out a call for people age 50 and older, across the country to submit how they reinvented themselves.  Carolyn was selected for the Risk Takers category.  Watch her submission video, read her written submission, and see the Huffington Post page where she was featured.

Carolyn Portrait-Black-cropped.jpg.png
Atlanta Magazine
Choose Your Adventure  
26 Experiences Guaranteed to Thrill

April Issue 2019 of the Atlanta Magazine featured Carolyn as one of the Adventurers for this issue focusing on interviews with people in and around Atlanta and their adventurers.

Atlanta Business Journal

The article is entitled:  Building a Business Around a Lifestyle. Published in the Spring 2015 issue.

Perimeter North Lifestyle Magazine

Carolyn is featured in the April 2015 issue of this local edition of the national Lifestyle magazines.  She talks about how great life is as an active Baby Boomer, and Senior Citizen. Excerpt:   Who says life doesn't get better with age?  I am here to tell you, they didn't know what they were talking about.  I am proud to announce that I am 66 years old ... an official senior citizen, a baby boomer, and I am living my best life, right now ... Read the entire article here.


That's My Biz
BizLynks TV

Carolyn was featured on That's My Biz, an Internet TV Bsiness Showcase after being sought after by R. Pamela Alexander, show host .  We discussed the benefit of outdoor activities that are fun with friendly people, and will definitely get, or keep you fit. Carolyn talks about how she first got into outdoor activities, and specifically hiking at the age of 56, after having grown up and being an urban city girl all her life.  Tune in... for a great informational interview.


Hiking in Atlanta
Cuisine Noir Online

A common saying that black people do not participant in outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, camping and caving have been proven wrong by Carolyn Hartfield and Hartfield’s Hikers.  Read the article here on the Cuisine Noir website.

Next Act for Women

Becoming an Advocate for an Active Lifestyle at 61: Carolyn’s Story

A diagnosis of hypertension at age 50 was the motivation Carolyn needed to change her life. She moved and got moving, bringing thousands along with her infectious enthusiasm.  Read the entire post here.  Posted by Hélène Tragos Stelian.