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Join Carolyn  for her phenomenal Healthy Lifestyle Coaching series.  The information she shares has helped her live her best life and be noticed by others, to land her on TV, cable, Internet and radio shows, and in magazines and newspapers.  She will share some of her secrets with you in her premier, limited time FREE coaching series.

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Need a speaker who is Engaging, Energetic and full of Enthusiasm? Carolyn is a Healthy Lifestyle Coach, known for her healthy, fun, and invigorating activities, her presentations leave boomers, retirees, seniors and everyone ready to take action and live their life to the fullest!  Contact for available dates and fees.


Want hands-on, interactive sessions that are assured to be Engaging, Energetic and Enthusiastic?  Participants will leave with specific action plans and the necessary

guidelines that are practical and easily implemented to achieve desired health and wellness goals.  Contact for details and fees.


Stanford University Workshops:  As a specially trained Lay Leader for the Stanford University Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP) which was developed from a 5-year research project, and the Diabetes Self-Management Program (DSMP), I see firsthand how they truly help people improve their health related behaviors.  Here at several comments from the most recent workshop:  The most helpful information I received from the 6-week

workshop was ... "that no matter the age, we can always learn more helpful information to better your health"; "learning how to develop and use Action Plans"; "having the self-management toolbox"; "things that help your condition."  The charts used in the workshop ... "made the information easier to understand."   "The instructors were extremely  knowledgeable."          Find an informational flyer here to download.

Baby Boomer Carolyn Hartfield, Walk for Wellness, sponsored by Overground Railroad

The Walk for Wellness at Healthfest360,

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Individual and group coaching programs that will guide participants through behavioral modifications that are; 1) simple lifestyle changes that result in personal health and wellness goal attainment and sustainment, 2) easily adapted self-directed, self-management techniques for the open-minded, serious person who is ready to improve their current state of health and wellness, and 3) lifelong proactive skill development tools that result in perpetual improvement. Contact for session schedules and fees.

Contact Carolyn now: or 678.231.4973

Credentials and Affiliations


Statement of Purpose

As a professionally trained behavioral change coach, I specialize in helping people achieve healthier lifestyles.  I love working with individuals and groups who have a sincere desire for self-improvement. My work is through a client-centered process that facilitates and empowers my clients and audiences to achieve self-determined goals related to health, wellness and lifestyle.  I believe successful coaching takes place when my clearly defined knowledge and skills are applied to allow my clients and participants to actuate internal strengths and external resources for a sustainable healthy lifestyle, with primary focus on health, wellness and prevention.  The techniques I use have been scientifically proven to be effective.

I have been in the arena of health and wellness for more than 25 years.  As owner and operator of my first health food store in 1985, helping people improve their level of health and wellness continues to be a passion of mine.  I walk the talk!


Credentials & Affiliations
  • Health Literacy Coach program for older adults through University of Georgia (2009)

  • Health Coach Certificate program at Emory University (2015)

  • Lay Leader for the Stanford University Self-Management for Chronic Diseases (2015)

  • Lay Leader for the Stanford University Diabetes Self-Management (2015)

  • Member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) –Georgia Chapter (2015 - )

  • Member DeKalb County (GA) Library System Speaker's Bureau (2015 - )

  • Former owner A'CEE Health Foods store chain & cafe (1985 - 1991)

  • Certified teacher and leader in Health Services Ministry at New Birth church (2002-2005)

  • Member of the Diversified Environmental Leaders Speakers Bureau (2014 - )

  • Board Member of the American Hiking Society (2015 - )

  • Founder OPALs - Older People with Active Lifestyles groups (2001 - )