The Five Wishes advance directive addresses the personal, emotional, and spiritual needs of a person, not just the medical and legal ones.


Despite their best intentions, the majority of people never make the time to write a living will or produce other legally binding ‘advance directive’ documentation that would guide their medical care if they become seriously ill and can no longer make important end-of-life decisions for themselves.

An advance directive like Five Wishes allows you to guide important medical care decisions that might be made if you ever get seriously ill – such as whether to give you life-support treatment. You may think that your loved ones and doctors will know what you want when you are very ill, but in reality, everyone has different wishes and it’s important to make them clearly known.


Expressing your wishes in an advance directive like Five Wishes helps empower your family, friends, and doctor to make the best decisions when the time comes, and helps avoid disagreements about what to do. Completing the Five Wishes advance directive can help you and your loved ones gain peace of mind around these difficult decisions.

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