The Autumn Equinox is a time to pause and reflect.  As we enter this new season, new changes will take effect. As time and seasons pass, we evolve.  This is a time to honor the beauty of the balance between day and night, harmony and chaos, activities and restful times, productivity and contemplation, so we can have our life's bountiful harvest.   Click to download information sheet.

Purpose:  Autumn is the time for us to boost our vibration levels, an increase in our conscious self … a mindfulness experience. Our energy will be combined and we will be thrust upwards to reach our personal spiritual heights. We call it an evolutionary process – a movement to expand our consciousness to a higher level so we can intentionally experience optimal health, improved wellness, and a greater sense of wellbeing.

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“Building a company around a lifestyle ... that is exactly what Carolyn Hartfield did with her company, appropriately named, Lifestyle Management, LLC.  The company is an outgrowth of her own healthy lifestyle." ”

Ann Almond, Editor

Atlanta Business Journal

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